Teresa Giudice Can Finally Leave Her House

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Teresa Giudice is officially a free woman.

About six weeks after leaving her prison in Danbury, the obnoxious reality star is no longer under house arrest and may return to her regular life without any legal restrictions holding her back.

Teresa and Joe Giudice and Daughter

"Effective this morning, Teresa is no longer subject to the parameters of home confinement. She is now free in all aspects from the custodial portion of her sentence," attorney James Leonard tells People Magazine.

"The restitution has been paid in full and what remains is a two-year period of supervised release, the terms of which we will remain in full compliance with."

Of course, the entire house arrest thing was a bit misleading to begin with.

Giudice was permitted to leave her property for work-related reasons, meaning she could film scenes for The Real Housewives of New Jersey... she could promote her memoir... she could make tons of money off her well-deserved stint in prison.

"She's very excited and very much looking forward to starting a new chapter in her life," Leonard adds to E! News.

The 43-year old was found guilty of fraud charges and sentenced to 15 months in jail in October 2014.

She then reported in January of last year to the Federal Correctional Institution, which is scarcely even a prison; it’s really a minimum-security satellite camp for women in Danbury, Connecticut.

The horrible excuse for a human being has since taken a few excursions to see family member or go shopping with permission of her probation officer - but will now be free to come and go as she pleases.

We hate her.

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