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For anyone concerned that Snooki was becoming alarmingly normal over the past couple years, erase your fears.

Although the former Jersey Shore trainwreck is now happily married with kids and appearing far less orange these days, Snooks is now living large at the sex shop for her new show, Snooki & JWoww: Moms With Attitude.

Along with her bestie Jenni “JWoww” Farley, the two consult a sexpert at Babeland, a New York City sex shop, about what to do when you wanna get busy with the hubs but your body just ain’t going along for the ride.

“Sometimes you can be too tired, but you still want your man but your body’s just so tired that it’s not working,” explained Snooki in a promo video obtained by ET.

The obvious answer? Bring on the LUBE!


Babeland’s babe suggests strategically stashing lubricant so you’re always at the ready – in your pocketbook, in the kitchen next to the olive oil.

Because you may be in the middle of preparing a fabulous tetrazzini when your man’s boner comes a-knocking, and THEN what are you gonna do?

Snooki then picks up a lacy thong, saying, “Jenni would like these,” however, JWoww isn’t feeling it.

“The mom bod is not doing it for me,” she laments.

“Around here we support all bodies,” assures their new friend.

JWoww is in the middle of her second pregnancy with new hubby Roger Mathews

So for all the moms who need pointers on how to do sex now that there’s a kid in the house, who better to turn to than these two Jersey princesses? (Far superior to Disney princesses, in our opinion.)