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What a difference six months can make.

We jumped way ahead on Scandal Season 5 Episode 10, learning that Olivia was back to her old ways.

Watch Scandal Season 5 Episode 10 Online
Watch Scandal Season 5 Episode 10 Online

She has dinner with her dad at one point. She had dessert with Jake (if you know what we mean!).

She and her team also helped the first female NSA director determine who hacked into her secret files, although she was stunned by what she found out: the culprit was Jake.

And by the time OPA got to the bottom of what he had done, Jake had been named the new director of the NSA.

Olivia went to confront Jake over his evil scheme, only to be met at his apartment by her father, who said “the world is a safer place” with Jake in charge.

We don’t necessarily disagree. But come on, Jake!

Did you need to kill an innocent man to achieve that position?


  • Abby needed help from Cyrus to find her place in her marriage to Fitz (for real!) and in the White House, finally telling Fitz to stop treating her like a “companion animal” and more like a competent cohort who is the press secretary, remember.
  • Mellie paid OPA a visit because she needed help with her book. Liv somehow found time to read the memoir and offer the following advice to her former enemy: "Write a real book. Tell the people who you are and what you’ve been through."

So that’s where we are, Gladiators.

Which development depicted on the 2016 premiere did you find most shocking? Will you ever be able to look at Jake the same way again?

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