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Last night marked a major milestone in Lamar Odom’s slow road to recovery, as the former NBA star made his first public appearance since nearly losing his life to an overdose in October. 

Lamar Odom Leaves Fred Segal
Photo via WENN

Not only did Odom appear to be in good health and spirits, he was spotted getting close with Khloe Kardashian, thus prompting speculation that he and his estranged wife have reconciled.

Unfortunately, like so much of what goes on in Kardashian Land, Khloe and Lamar’s public displays of affection may have been all for show.

Radar Online is reporting that Lamar has decided to file for divorce from Khloe as a means of reclaiming his independence in the wake of his terrifying health scare. 

"He has decided that he wants to be in control of his life, and that means divorcing Khloe finally," says one insider.

"Lamar was completely unable to take care of himself after Vegas. And he welcomed Khloe’s amazing help. But he’s a lot better now, so he wants to be independent."

The source adds that Lamar’s decision is mostly symbolic, as he and Khloe have not been romantically involved in quite some time.

"Lamar feels like he can make his own medical decisions now," the insider says. "He has a strong team around him and he knows he is going to continue to get better."

Lamar was released from the hospital last month and is reportedly able to live on his own with the help of full-time nurses.