Kailyn Lowry Wears Waist Trainer 6 Hours a Day, Should Have Probably Kept That to Herself

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As Teen Mom stars go, Kailyn Lowry is pretty sane and stable.

But sadly, it seems even otherwise level-headed humans are capable of getting caught up in the insanity of waist-training.

Kailyn Lowry Waist-Training Photo

If you're not familiar with waist-training, it's an idiotic fitness trend endorsed by the Kardashians that doesn't actually sculpt your waist into a more slender shape, but might cause damage to vital organs.

Now, Kailyn is shilling for a waist-trainer manufacturer (for an undisclosed fee, of course), and she's either lying to her fans, or she actually buys the company's BS claims.

“Summer body almost ready,” Lowry captioned the above photo. “Losing more inches off my waist by eating healthy & waist training w/@Colombianwaist. I wear it 4-6 hrs & it's very comfortable.”

“I recommend it to all Moms that [are] trying to get that pre baby body back or for anyone who wants a smaller waist."

There's no denying that she's is in great shape these days, but we're guessing that has more to do with Kailyn's extensive plastic surgery than with some torturous-looking contraption that would make Scarlett O'Hara wince. 

Something tells us not many of her fans can afford that quick-fix.

Oh, well. At least she's bringing in some extra cash and keeping herself occupied while Javi Marroquin is overseas.

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