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It’s been less than two months since Teresa Giudice was released from prison, but her family’s joy at having her back home has been short-lived.

The problem is that next month, Teresa’s husband, Joe Giudice, will turn himself over to authorities to begin serving his own 41-month sentence

Joe Giudice on the Phone
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The family is already bracing itself for Joe’s departure, which of course will involve a Bravo camera crew and an emotional send-off that execs are hoping will translate to big ratings.

Yes, thanks to the Giudices, pre-prison parties are the new weddings, and while the public is considerably less interested in Joe than Teresa, Real Housewives of New Jersey producers are still hoping that audiences will tune in to see Juicy Joe jet off to jail.

“Joe doesn’t want a lot of hoopla as he goes in,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online, adding that his last night as a free man will consist of "an intimate family dinner."

“The network hopes the tender family time will result in big ratings," says the insider.

We think they may be disappointed.

Unless Teresa decides to finally confront Joe about cheating on her while she was in jail, we don’t think Juicy’s send-off will deliver the sort of dramatic fireworks that translate to a big audience.