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Rob Kardashian isn’t dating Blac Chyna because he needs a place to crash these days or wants to torment Kylie Jenner, inside sources report.

He really is into Tyga’s baby mama, and it’s a real relationship.

Rob Kardashian Selfie
Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian

The impact on his life is obvious, according to Rob’s camp.

People connected to Rob and Chyna believe he’s been much happier in the last few weeks than anytime in the past few years, plural.

The reason for that? Blac has given him something special.

Okay, that sounded dirty and will invite no shortage of funny comments, but for real, what he’s lacked for so long is the ability to have fun.

A new perspective and outlook, and a person he enjoys spending time with and enjoying new experiences with. Isn’t that what we all want?

He also says Chyna motivates him, according to insiders.

Blac hasn’t had to force him to leave the house – which they’ve done on occasion – it’s been Robert’s idea to get out and go places.

Even to the gym, where Blac is helping Rob lose weight.

Sources quoted by TMZ insist that he’s not getting played or dating Chyna out of spite (though he must know he pissed off Kylie Jenner).

As one friend summed it up, "He adores her." Aww. Love.

Rob is staying with Chyna indefinitely after Khloe kicked them the f–k out of her mansion when she came home and found them there.

Khloe and other members of her family have sent nasty texts and thrown massive shade at him for literally sleeping with the enemy.

So be it, as far as he’s concerned. It’s his life, so step off.

Perhaps one sister can respect that … a Kim Kardashian source says if Rob is truly happy and healthy with Chyna, she’ll come around.

Kim’s been one of her brother’s toughest critics in terms of how he needs to get his s–t together, so if he’s finally done so with her help …

Should we keep an eye out for the wedding invites?