Lamar Odom ENRAGED at Khloe for Telling Everyone About His Cheating

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Earlier this week, Khloe Kardashian gave a tell-all interview with Howard Stern, in which she revealed some VERY personal details about her marriage to Lamar Odom.

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Specifically, the Kocktails with Khloe star disclosed how Lamar cheated on her for the majority of their marriage and hid texts to his mistresses on his assistant's phone.

"It was disgusting," she said.

Well, Lamar heard the whole thing, and now he's pissed. ​

Oh, ya think?

“Lamar heard the entire interview Khloe did with Howard and was very unhappy about it," a source told Radar Online. "Didn’t she just go out on another media tour for her book and take credit for saving Lamar’s life?”

“Lamar called Khloe and asked her to stop talking about him,” the source said. “He is trying to get on with his life and all Khloe wants to do is dredge up the past.”

But Lamarrr, don't you know Khloe needs to get publicity for her new talk show, which apparently nobody cares about?

According to the source, Khloe told Lamar that she couldn't help it because people keep asking her about him.

And have you EVER heard a Kardashian woman reply with a simple "no comment"? 

“Lamar is ready to get out of Los Angeles and go back to Las Vegas, away from Khloe," the source added. 

"Khloe just wants to look like a saint to the rest of the world, but behind close doors she has given Lamar hell, and he’s not going to let her use him for PR any more.”

Oh geez, Lamar. Back to Vegas?

To be sure, Los Angeles isn't the holy land but if you're really trying to get clean from the booze, drugs and hookers, do you think Vegas is really a smart choice?

We feel you, though. Your ex airing your dirty laundry to anyone who'll listen is kind of a low blow.

On the other hand, in the words of Adele - another lady who reveals the ugly side of her relationships - "Yeah, but my motto is, then you shouldn’t fuck me over."

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