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Last week, rumors of Tyga cheating on Kylie Jenner with Brazilian supermodel Annalu Cardoso were just about everywhere online.

Kylie didn’t immediately speak out on the allegations of infidelity, but she did make her feelings known other ways.

Kylie Jenner in Black-and-White

For starters, she ditched Tyga as her Golden Globes date, attending after-parties with sister Kourtney Kardashian instead.

Since then, Kylie and Tyga have been spotted on a date together, but insiders say it was all for show, and many believe the 18-year-old reality star has been expressing herself on social media.

First there’s the photo above, which was shared just hours after the news of Tyga’s affair went public.

Many of her followers have stated that it looks as though Kylie’s been crying in the pic. 

Kylie posted two more photos that day, one that was captioned, "I look like Kylie Jenner today" (an apparent reference to the resemblance between Kylie and Annalu), and another in which she can be seen scowling at the camera, that was sarcastically captioned, "Happy."

Kylie’s subtle slams weren’t even limited to Instagram, as she posted a Snapchat message that reads, "Incoming texts I just press ignore," which she had to know would be taken as a reference to T-Raww.

Tyga himself has been mostly silent, but did tweet, "F–kin love" at one point, only to delete it moments later.

Ms. Cardoso addressed her haters in a since-deleted Instagram post that reads:

"It’s hard to believe people would honestly take their precious time to be mean against someone they don’t even know about things they know nothing about , use your time for good , you don’t even know how much you have left , being a good person is free."

Kylie may not have kicked him to the curb just yet, but it sounds like Tyga certainly has plenty of drama on his plate.