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It’s been almost seven months since Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck called it quits, but the couple is still ripping the Band-Aid off very, very slowly.

Garner and Affleck
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The Afflecks have been spotted together in public multiple times in recent weeks; they reportedly still live on the same property (Ben has moved to the guesthouse); and they’ve even attended couples counseling together.

Unfortunately, it seems none of that has brought them closer to calling off their still-pending divorce. Nevertheless, Jen apparently remains optimistic.

“Jen really thinks there is a chance they can fix their relationship,” a source close to the situation tells Radar Online 

“Ben’s being good and not going out in public much these days, so she has this glimmer of hope they can make it work.”

Of course, just because he’s no longer hitting clubs and picking up chicks with Jon Hamm, that doesn’t mean Ben is ready to assume the role of family man again.

“He wants nothing to do with getting back together,” says the insider.

Yes, Ben seems to be enjoying every second of the single life.

His career is taking off like never before, and he’s rumored to be dating Sienna Miller

All this, and he’s still living just a stone’s throw from his kids and his estranged wife who probably still offers him killer deals on Capital One airline miles.

We call that a win-win.