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For several weeks, the nature of the relationship between Ben Affleck and Christine Ouzounian has been a subject of rampant rumors and widespread speculation.

Ben Affleck, Post-Divorce
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Christine Ouzounian Wears Tom Brady's Super Bowl Rings

It was initially reported that Affleck was caught cheating with Ouzounian while he was still married to Garner.

Sources later claimed that though Affleck and Ouzounian were dating, their relationship didn’t begin until after the actor’s marriage had ended.

Whatever the case, insiders say Affleck is so eager to avoid Ouzounian these days that he changed a cell phone number he’d previously had for several years.

Now, a new report from Radar Online is claiming that the friction between Garner and Ouzounian goes back to the time when she was nothing more than the couple’s nanny, and Ben has expressed his regret at allowing the 28-year-old opportunist to play a larger role in their lives.

Recently, Ben and Jen attended a marriage counseling session together, and Ben reportedly apologized for his inappropriate relationship with Ouzounian.

“Ben took responsibility for his relationship with their former nanny," says one insider. “The relationship had started after the couple had already split up, but Jen was humiliated when the relationship went public.”

The source adds that Jen often felt that Ben and Christine would team up on her in discussions about the best way to raise the kids, and she now "understands what was really going on."

“Ben was truly sorry when he apologized to Jen, and she thought it was a very good step moving forward," says the insider.

Sounds like Ben and Jen are both ready to move on. Unfortunately, we probably haven’t seen the last of Christine.