Chris Brown Goes on Twitter Rant Against the Grammys

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Chris Brown is angry.

Fortunately, there's no girlfriend anywhere near him against whom Brown can take out his frustrations.

One Happy Chris Brown

Instead, the controversial artist has taken to Twitter to offer up his thoughts on the current music industry and his place within it.

Specifically, Brown is peeved that he's only been nominated for a single 2016 Grammy Award.

"#GRAMMY? This is probably the main reason I love being free to create any kind of music I want. Too many people kiss ass and work less," Brown opened his rant.

But he had a lot more to say than that on Friday night.

"If u turn on ya radio right now I promise within the hour you will hear Chris Brown on damn near half the songs or I've co-written," he wrote.

"The awards used to mean something. Now it's about likes, and memes."

Brown earned a Grammy nomination for his work on the "Only" single alongside Nicki Minaj, Drake and Lil Wayne.

"I'm thankful to my fans," he concluded, adding:

"I am able to be the best artist I can without having to conform to the ways of my peers. I also need my commission. A lot of y'all are favorites are my Children!"

Brown released the album Royalty (named after his daughter) in late 2015.

But while fatherhood has changed the star in some ways, he told Hot 97 recently that he wasn't going to censor his music simply because he recently became a father:

"For me, with my daughter and most of the records that I make are more sexual - that's how my daughter was made."

That is literally true, we suppose.

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