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It’s been almost a year since Teresa Giudice reported to prison to begin serving a 15 month sentence on bankruptcy fraud charges.

Now – barring a table-flipping cafeteria fight in the next few days – Teresa is set for an early release due to her good behavior, which means the entire Giudice family could be under one roof for the holidays!

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Sadly, it’ll be the last time they can all celebrate Christmas together for a very long time.

“Christmas has always been very special for the Giudices, but it’s even more so this year,” a source close to the family tells Radar Online.

“This is going to be the last Christmas Teresa and Joe have together for four years once he goes away to prison. But they aren’t going to discuss it, and will instead focus on their time together."

Yes, Joe Giudice will begin his 41-month sentence shortly after Teresa’s release, but fortunately, he and Teresa will have no choice but to spend a lot of time together in the meantime:

“Teresa won’t be allowed to leave the house once she’s home because she will be under house arrest until February," says the insider.

"But it’s all the better for bonding with her family. The girls are so excited that their mom is finally coming home and are calling it a real Christmas miracle.”

Mom’s on house arrest and dad hasn’t started his sentence yet? That’s a Jersey Christmas miracle on par with Bruce Springsteen and Snooki showing up on your doorstep for some holiday fist-pumping.

Of course, before the festivities at casa de Giudice can begin, Teresa gets to enjoy one last shindig with Piper, Crazy Eyes, and the rest of her wacky band of felonious misfits:

“Before Teresa is released, there will be a Christmas party for the inmates at Danbury Correctional Facility, and she is excited to be a part of that as well,” the source says.

“Of course she is more than thrilled to be leaving, but it’s also bittersweet as she has made some very good friends with the other ladies. Leaving that sisterhood is going to be hard for Teresa, especially since many of them still have years on their sentences.”

Yeah, we’re sure Teresa met some down-ass homegirls on the inside, but we’re guessing her release will be a lot more sweet than bitter.