Miranda Kerr: Nude Magazine Cover Stirs Up Controversy

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First, the good news: Miranda Kerr is naked again, this time on the cover of Harper's Bazaar Australia.

Miranda Kerr: Nude For Harper's Bazaar

Now the bad news: People on the Internet are super pissed about it.

Moments after the image was posted on the magazine's Instagram page, hundreds of angry commenters expressed their displeasure.

The issue seems to boil down to two main complaints:

  1. Even Playboy doesn't do nudes anymore, and many seem to feel that other periodicals should follow suit by showing less skin.
  2. Harper's Bazaar is primarily a fashion magazine, and well, aside from stylish Louboutin shoes, Miranda's not rocking a lot of fashion on the cover.

"This magazine was once considered a fashion bible," wrote one irate IG user. "No wonder Playboy mag died out. Who needs porn mags when fashion mags are holding the torch?"

"How can they think as readers of a fashion magazine we want to look and read something akin to a men's mag?" wrote another. "Very sad that this is what is on the cover. I thought this was a fashion magazine, not a version of Playboy."

Of course, we doubt that Miranda or the folks at Harper's are very concerned. 

You can't sneeze without someone on the Internet taking issue with it these days, and this is one of those cases where we're guessing the critics are just a very vocal minority.

Let's all agree to save out outrage for the next time Miranda has sex with Justin Bieber, mmm-kay?

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