Kim Kardashian Nude Desert Shoot Sparks Cries of Photoshop, Hypocrisy

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Kim Kardashian is receiving serious backlash from fans who insist that images from her sexy nude desert pics were photoshopped.

Not only that, she's hearing it from critics for the fact that the alleged airbrushing flies in the face of her professed goal for the shoot.

Kim in the Desert

If you missed the latest Kim Kardashian nude photo shoot, well, it's something else. She is wearing nothing but white body paint.

She's white hot, for sure, but it's also something of a white lie, say photo experts who feel the images of Kim were heavily edited.

In order to make her look thinner, obviously.

On Tuesday, the 35-year-old E! reality star released images from the naked spread, which was shot by photographer Kesler Tran.

If you watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians online, you likely recall a behind the scenes preview of this provocative spread in May.

Here's a screen shot for you:

Kim Kardashian Nude Desert Pic

The sexy pictures she shared on her website, app and social media this week came out differently than we saw this spring, though.

A photographer by the name of Miss Odessa re-tweeted a shot from Kimberly's spread along with a screen grab from Keeping Up.

She writes: "LOL @ all the photoshop tho."

Looking at the shots side-by-side, it does appear as if the celebrity's waist, stomach, and face have all been majorly slimmed down.

Not to mention heavily, heavily retouched.

Take a look at one of the pics released this week, featuring Mrs. West from a similar angle, and see if you agree that something's up:

Kim Kardashian: Nude in the Desert

People are slamming the soon-to-be mom-of-two, who is due any day now, for putting out a false image of herself to the world, again.

"We want to see pictures of how she looks now, not 20 years ago," wrote one fan taking her to task, while another critic chimed in:

"The Photoshop is so obvious it burns my eyes."

"Girl why cant you just enjoy being pregnant?"

Making matters worse is the fact that Kim discussed her body confidence fears prior to the shoot on Keeping Up, but overcame them.

So confident was she in her appearance that "We ate KFC on the way there and got In-N-Out Burger and donuts on the way home LOL."

In light of the Photoshop allegations, Kim's talk of triumphing over - even embracing - her insecurities now appears rather hypocritical.  

What do you think? Were the images doctored? Do they send a bad message, and should Kim address the kontroversy? Discuss.

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