Jill & Jessa Duggar: Advertisers Backing Out of New Series?

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On Sunday, Jill & Jessa: Counting On will premiere on TLC, and lots of folks are not too happy about it.

The controversial family's return to television has resulted in Duggar boycott groups springing up all over social media, and now it appears their campaign is beginning to have an impact.

A Facebook group called #NoMoreDuggars: Contacting Sponsors has been...well, contacting current and potential sponsors to encourage them to pull their support from Jill and Jessa's three-part series.

The group claims that 928 advertisers have already vowed not to put their money behind any of the Duggars' future TV efforts, including the forthcoming Counting On.

Obviously, most of the anger directed toward the family is the result of the Josh Duggar sex scandals that caused the Duggars to be removed from television in the first place.

Though they initially defended their brother's actions and their family's handling of the situation Jill and Jessa have been critical of Josh in recent weeks.

However, many feel the sisters latest comments are simply part of an effort to win over disillusioned former fans.

TLC is only committed to airing three episodes of Counting On, but from the start, the network has hinted that if the show is a hit with fans, we can expect more specials featuring Jill and Jessa, and possibly even a full series.

Of course, if execs can't find anyone to pay for advertising time, the Duggar sisters may soon find themselves counted out. 

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