Florida Man and His "Ho's" Stir Up Christmas Card Controversy

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Move over, Florida Man. Take a seat, Florida Woman.

It's time to make room for... Florida Family!!!

Controversial Christmas Card

In this case, they are named the Yoshidas and they are comprised of a mother, a father and daughters Rachel and Natalie.

The family is in the news because the daughters posted photos on Imgur and Reddit of their 2015 Christmas Card, which may actually get more press this year than the Kardashian Christmas card.

That's because it features the patriarch standing proudly over his kneeling wife and children while donning a shirt that reads "Chillin’ With My Ho’s."

Each of the women are then wearing a shirt that simply reads "HO."

Wrote Rachel as a caption to the above photo:

"My family's xmas photo dis year. Disclaimer: this was my idea I want the credit bc it's damn good."

Merry Christmas, Biatches!

Not everyone out there agrees with this assessment, however.

As you might expect, various critics have taken to social media to bury the family, with one commenter posting:

"Well…his daughters are super hot but this is kind of creepy."

What does Natalie have to say in defense of the card?

“All of our immediate friends understand our humor so they think it’s hilarious,” she tells BuzzFeed News. “Not one person who knows us in real life has ‘hated.' Everyone who is ‘hating’ is seeking offense in an obvious joke.”

The family is also known for posing in unusual ways that are unrelated to Christmas, as evidenced by the following picture:

weird family photo

"We all have a great, albeit sometimes inappropriate, sense of humor,” Natalie adds to Us Weekly.

“We're really close. Obviously, my dad wasn't calling us hoes. Actually, my dad didn't even know what was on the shirts. He just put the shirt on and sat in front of the camera because we said so!"

Seriously, Florida Man has acted FAR more inappropriately than this in the past...

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