Amy Duggar Starts Blog, Offers Weird Advice

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It's been three months since Amy Duggar married Dillon King, and while the cousin of the 19 Kids and Counting clan has been called the rebellious Duggar, it seems her marriage is very similar to those of the other Duggar girls.

Amy doesn't have any kids yet, but other than that her life seems very much like Jill and Jessa's these days. She stays at home, focuses on her husband's happiness and, as of yesterday, she blogs.

Amy Duggar Wedding Dress

The Duggars love blogging, and all of the women who are married off (and thus allowed to use social media) post pretty regularly.

So it's not surprising that Amy has started to sharing her thoughts online. What is surprising is how boring her blog is.

Maybe we're not being fair, since she's only posted once so far, but we expected more from Rebel Amy than an update on her husband's cold and ode to the powers of oregano oil.

Amy's writing style is livelier than her cousins', and some of her humor shines through ("Five years ago I became really sick in Mexico from eating a salad, I’ll spare you the details but lets just say I couldn't enjoy any of the Spanish cuisine for 2 days!"), but we had high hopes that Amy would deliver the Duggar dirt!

She closes her first entry by writing, "P.S. Who would have thought my first blog post would be about medicine?!"

Not us, Amy. Definitely not us!

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