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Yesterday, Kristin Cavallari Instagram’d a photo of her newborn daughter, Saylor James, who was wrapped in a pink blanket.

Kristin Cavallari Holds Baby Saylor

The reality star, 28, wrote about not being able to attend her high school reunion. 

Yes, it’s been ten years since Cavallari whined about "STEE-PHEN" on MTV’s Laguna Beach.

"Really sad about missing my 10 year high school reunion last night…so many people I wanted to see…but at least I have a good excuse," Cavallari wrote.

Cavallari gave birth to Sawyer on November 23rd; the little girl is Cavallari’s third child and first daughter with Chicago Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler.

Cavallari and her fellow castmates Jason Wahler, Alex Murrel, Taylor Cole, Alex Hooser and Talan Torriero starred in the second season of Laguna Beach.

Last night, Wahler attended a Lakers game with Casey Reinhardt, who used to wear ratty hair extensions on the show and helped spread a rumor about Murrel’s personal hygiene.  Rude.

Murrel got married last year, and spoke to TooFab about who was in her wedding party, and who she still keeps in touch with.

"Well Taylor [Cole] was in the wedding, of course, and Morgan was actually my maid of honor and Alex H. [Hooser], who was also on ‘Laguna Beach,’ was in my bridal party as well," Murrel said. 

"And you know I speak to Kristin [Cavallari] every once in a while, but she was busy and has her little guys running around. It was more of an intimate setting so I kept it to my immediate circle of friends."