Jessa Duggar: Supporting Josh Duggar & the Rest of Her Family?!

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Jessa Duggar has a lot on her plate these days.

Not only is Jessa a new mom, the 23-year-old is once again being forced to cope with the fallout from older brother Josh Duggar's sexual indiscretions.

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As we reported yesterday, former adult film star Danica Dillon is suing Josh for $500,000, claiming that he assaulted her and caused her "physical and emotional injuries" during their two sexual encounters.

The Duggars will essentially be forced to settle out of court for the amount that Dillon has demanded, as her lawyers have threatened to drag family secrets into the light if the case goes to trial.

There was a time when when the Duggars would have happily shelled out half a million dollars to make a problem like Danica go away, but now, that kind of money isn't so easy for them to come by.

It's been four months since 19 Kids and Counting was canceled, and the family has yet to come up with a new cash cow.

The Jill and Jessa spinoff that's set to debut next month is currently planned only as a limited-run series and won't bring in nearly the amount of cash that 19 Kids generated.

Currently, Jill is in Central America performing missionary work with her husband and child, and insiders say that means Josh and the rest of the family are all pinning their hopes for a brighter financial future on Jessa.

Needless to say, it's a lot of pressure for Jill and her new family, as they're basically being tasked with launching a new reality show that'll be such a success it can support literally dozens of people.

Add to that the fact that Josh Duggar is essentially unemployable and may be facing further lawsuits, and it looks like the once-wealthy Duggar clan may have a difficult financial road ahead. 

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