19 Kids and Counting: CANCELED By TLC!

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After weeks of rumors that TLC would cancel 19 Kids and Counting in response to the Josh Duggar sexual abuse scandal, it has done so.

The network announced today that the hit reality series has officially been brought to an end after an astonishing 15 successful seasons.

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TLC initially pulled the show from its schedule after a report indicating that Josh Duggar molested five young girls surfaced back in May. 

Four of those victims, as we know, were his sisters.

Numerous sponsors left 19 Kids and Counting in the weeks that followed, but still, execs refused to comment on the future of the series.

That all changed today, however, as TLC has issued a press release stating that the popular series "will no longer appear on the air."

Rumors about a 19 Kids spinoff series starring some family members continue to circulate, but for the time being, that seems unlikely.

Not only would involvement with the Duggars be a PR nightmare for any network, but it's unclear who would star in the potential project.

One of the possible stars of a spinoff - Jill Dillard - recently left the country to perform missionary work with her husband and young son.

TMZ is reporting that the network decided to terminate the show two months ago, but held off on making an official announcement.

The prevailing wisdom is that they wanted to at least test the waters and see if public opinion regarding the Duggars would change.

Clearly, that hasn't been the case, as new damaging information about the family has continued to surface on a fairly regular basis.

Gradually, the Duggars have returned to their lives (and their social media accounts), but have been unable to shake this albatross.

The Duggars have yet to comment on the news that 19 Kids and Counting has been axed, but the writing has been on the wall.

It's the end of an era, Duggar Nation.

Do you think TLC made the right call to nix the show? Or should they have eased the family back on the air? Comment below ...

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