The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 3 Recap: Three for the Road

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Viewers were taken on a pair of trips on The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 3.

First, Damon and his two besties (Bonnie and Alaric) learned that Lily's missing Heretic, Oscar, was in Myrtle Beach. They tracked him down with the goal of trading him for Elena's body.

When they found Oscar, he was in a partying mood, telling the trio that he had been sent their on a mission, but decided to stick around, remain off the radar for a bit and just live life to its fullest.

Oh, and Oscar is also a siphon who was unable to rid Bonnie of her scary visions, although he did know right away that they were a result of The Phoenix Stone.

He urged the group to get rid of it.

After Bonnie yelled at Alaric for lying to her about destroying the Stone, she agreed to do whatever she could to help him try to get Jo back with it. Despite this clearly being a terrible (albeit romantic) idea.

Back to Oscar: Damon, Bonnie and Alaric eventually apprehended him, which led to Damon calling Lily and making the offer of trading him for Elena.

But we closed the episode with Valerie using a locator spell to find Oscar, discover that he was sent by Lily to find someone named Julien and then kill him because she cannot deal with every seeing Julien ever again.

And just who is Julien?

We spent a lot of time this week in 1863, going over the love story that featured Stefan and Valerie.

She had been sent by Lily to check on Stefan, to simply make sure he was doing okay, but then she fell in love with him. She was his first (his first you know what, that is!), but she got whisked away by Lily's boyfriend soon after getting together with Stefan.

That boyfriend was Julien. He made Valerie leave with him for Europe and then he intercepted her when she made an attempt to return to Stefan.

She did so because she was pregnant with his child (unbeknownst to Stefan)... but that didn't last long, tragically.

Julien beat Valerie within an inch of her life, killing the unborn baby in the process and then dragging Valerie away to Europe, where he told Lily that he found her on the street like that.

So it makes sense that Valerie does not want Julien back in the picture now, that's for sure.

In the present day, Valerie killing Oscar will cause quite the problem for Damon and his plan to get Elena back; while Valerie also told this entire tale to Caroline, but Lily eventually let her go and Stefan made it clear that his past with Valerie is very much in the past.

But what about the future? No, not The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Episode 4. We'll get to that next Thursday.

The flash forward we saw, however, featured Stefan calling Tyler (yes, Tyler!) and telling him to warn Caroline because his scar had returned and Caroline was not returning his calls.

Tyler seemed to understand what this meant right away, not that the viewers really have much of a clue at the moment.

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