Tamra Barney to Brooks Ayers: You SO Don't Have Cancer!

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The Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Barney is opening up about the Brooks Ayers cancer storyline, and she is not mincing words.

Simply put, she “doesn’t believe” he has cancer.

Tamra, Vicki and Brooks

If you watch The Real Housewives of Orange County online, you know the extent to which this topic dominated the second half of Season 10.

You also know how contentious things became.

Bravo firebrand Tamra leaves little doubt, in her first post-season interview, where she stands on the allegations of Brooks Ayers faking cancer:

She ain't buying it. Barney unloaded this week:

"There were so many inconsistent stories circulating on camera and off. We all started noticing them immediately. Things just didn't make sense!"

"Why wouldn't he see Shannon's doctor? He was scheduled to film with her until she wanted to see his medical records," Tamra adds.

Barney asks, "Where was this big binder full of medical records? Why did Vicki say she called Terry in the middle of the night?"

While circumstantial, Tamra says she definitely thought Ayers' actions weren't typical for a cancer victim throughout the season.

"There are many unanswered questions," she said.

"Why was Brooks drinking and traveling all over the place? Who stops chemo after three rounds when you're not having secondary issues from it?"

Gunvalson and Ayers showed Tamra the test results of his PET/CT scan, but not the other ladies, a move that she now questions.

"Last year [Gunvalson] was telling everyone to 'Watch out for Tamra, she will stab you in the back!' More like expose YOUR lies!"

"And this year she wants to show me Brooks' PET/CT scan because I am closest to her?" Judge said of that obvious contradiction.

"My gut tells me that she knew I didn't know what I was reading, and that I would be a puppet and go to the other girls and say 'Brooks has cancer.'"

Tamra concludes, "I don't think he has cancer."

"But that is not my problem to worry about."

Oh, and Vicki knows he's been lying.

"How could she NOT [know]? That is the million dollar question!" Tamra concludes, and it does beg a number of additional questions:

Why would Brooks make that up? To win sympathy from Vicki and use it as a foothold to move in and save their fractured relationship?

If Vicki did know, or harbor suspicions about Brooks' lies, was she living in denial or willingly lying to the rest of the cast to save face?

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