James Franco Shows Off Emma Watson Tattoo, Carves Heart Into Arm, Remains Creepy

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We all know that James Franco is obsessed with Lana Del Rey, but apparently the man has enough stalker vibes to go around.

Franco posted the below photos on Instagram this week, and even though the tattoo clearly isn't real, Emma Watson might want to invest in some extra security:

James Franco: Emma Watson Tattoo
James Franco: Heart Scar

Franco captioned the pic on the left, "I [heart Emoji] Hermione," and as though that isn't terrifying enough, he followed it up by carving a heart into his arm, which is something that has only ever been done by crazy people.

It's natural to experience feelings of profound affection for Emma Watson. In fact, it's been argued (by us) that not hearting Hermione may be a sign of mental illness. But this is no way to tell her how you feel, James!

Seriously, this is some restraining order, Taxi Driver-level insanity.

This makes the that video where Franco screams about poop look like downright reasonable by comparison. 

Weirdly, Franco has a long history of getting fake tattoos of famous actresses, but that doesn't make this any less terrifying for poor Emma.

Yes, we know the two of them co-starred in This Is the End together, but Seth Rogen was in that movie too, and James doesn't have a Seth Rogen tattoo, does he?!

Where's your Seth Rogen tattoo, James? On second thought, don't answer that.

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