How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: Be Frank

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Might Frank not be so loyal to Annalise after all?

It was impossible to not ask this question after How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 6, considering our flash forward featured the following fake-out:

Frank sprinting alongside a gurney that was carrying a wounded Annalise, screaming “She can’t die! Don’t let her die!”

Except he then quieted down and totally chilled out once he got to his car, away from the surveillance cameras. Hmmmm.

While we ponder what this might mean for How to Get Away with Murder Season 2 Episode 7 and the weeks ahead, here's a rundown of other shockers that took place on Thursday evening:

We learned that Helena Hapstall, the murder suspects’ dead aunt, gave up a child for adoption, setting him up with a lifetime’s worth of money.

Annalise wanted to use this information to make the adopted child the new suspect.

Annalise also admitted she is glad Sam is dead, after the client she just got off said the same about her abusive husband.

Frank (who has no chest hair, by the way) took Laurel to meet his family… after lying to Laurel and Wes about Rebecca’s whereabouts.

Annalise tells Wes she knows about his mom’s suicide and thinks that’s the reason he doesn’t trust women. She also promises “no more secrets,” while keeping a major one about Rebecca, of course.

Frank and his gravedigger friend retrieve Rebecca’s body and bury it in a cemetery.

Nate says he doesn’t hate Annalise, he just doesn’t “care” about her due to that whole murder-framing thing keeping him from Nia’s bedside during her final months. 

Annalise sells out Asher’s father to the district attorney in order to secure the freedom of her transgender colleague and also Asher himself, who was still at risk for his involvement in Trotter Lake, and Asher's father responds by basically disowning his son.

Emily Sinclair meets up with Bonnie in a parking lot, telling her about Asher and the secret of Tiffany Howard’s gang rape.

Someone is spying on Oliver and Connor. It’s Philip Jessup, Helene’s biological son, who turned Conner’s hack around and is watching Connor and Oliver through some kind of spyware.

Finally, on the night of the shooting, we see that Frank has an unconscious Catherine Hapstall in the backseat of his car, tossing this body into the woods.

She remains there until a police dog sniffs her out and she awakes with a gasp.

We'll say it for you: WTF?!?

Go watch How to Get Away with Murder online to relive this scene and sound off on all the craziness below.

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