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They say fifty is the new forty. Unless, you are Elizabeth Hurley.

For her, fifty is the new thirty … or twenty.

Elizabeth Hurley Yellow Bikini
Elizabeth Hurley in Pink Bikini
Elizabeth Hurley White Bikini Selfie

Hurley took to Instagram on Sunday, October 25, to show off her swimwear line.  But rather than looking at her bikinis, most people are noticing that Hurley looks fabulous!

“Mellow in yellow #elizabethhurleybeach,” she captioned a photo of herself wearing a yellow bikini.

The star of Royals also posed with her 13-year-old son while wearing a pink version of the bikini. “With my baby #elizabethhurleybeach,” she caption the pic.

On a third post of herself in a white bikini, she wrote, “#selfie #elizabethhurleybeach."

Hurley launched her swimwear line in 2005.  According to her website, she “draws her inspirations from wanderlust for exotic destinations, conceived during her childhood in England.”

The actress turned 50 in June.  She dished her secrets for a hot body to Healthy Living, stating that when she needs to lose a few pounds, she cuts back on her calorie intake.

"If my jeans feel tight I try to cut back a bit, and if I stay home in the evening, I’ll eat a very light dinner," she explained. 

"I really try to go out of my way to eat an apple for a snack instead of a cookie and I always start the day with a couple of mugs of hot water. Otherwise I eat pretty normally but avoid processed and junk foods."