Whitney Port Critics Say She Looks "Dead" or "Ghoulish" Without Makeup: Read Her Rant!

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The Hills' Whitney Port has come out swinging against her Instagram critics who say she looks hellish or ghostly without makeup on.

Whitney Port No Makeup Selfie

Throughout her years as a reality star, Whitney's persona was based upon her being Lauren Conrad's soft-spoken and sweet friend.

Port bluntly addressed the criticism that she has faced regarding her face on social media, however, and she's not backing down. At all.

In fact, she says she's flaunting her makeup-free face more often than ever ... 'cause she's winning the battle with acne and haters!

Writes the 30-year-old fashion designer and USC graduate:

“Hi guys. So I don’t want to come off as preachy AT ALL!"

"But lately, when I post a pic of myself without makeup on @instagram, people hate - telling me I look dead or anemic or whatever! Over it!”

“I struggled with my skin A LOT growing up. I had terrible acne throughout high school and college and finally got it under control in my mid 20’s."

"I’ve learned that keeping it healthy and clear is mostly due to keeping it clean."

"I TRULY think the key to inner and outer beauty isn’t about all the things we can buy to cover up our skin," she writes, but the opposite.

To Port, it's all about "how we can embrace our skin and keep it healthy."

"Clean skin is in. The more I keep it clean, the better condition it’s in."

"And when you do decide to put a little makeup on (I mean, we all do) our skin is a pure foundation for it to live on! So goodbye haters!”

“I’m gonna embrace my bare, colorless, pale and ghostly skin because I don’t need to hide behind anything."

"I urge all you out there to not be afraid of showing that beautiful, bare face of yours to the world."

"Join me and tag all your clean skin selfies using the hashtag #OurCleanSkinIsIn Let’s do this!!!”

Damn. Preach on, girl. And step off, Insta-haters. #Owned.

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Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port in Teen Vogue
Lauren Conrad's good friend on The Hills, Whitney Port is there to lend a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, or offer sage advice.... More »
Los Angeles, California
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Whitney Eve Port

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I feel like lately, or at least since I've known you, it's been really difficult with friends, like you've had a lot of problems with friends.

Whitney Port [to Lauren Conrad]

Guys need to realize that they need to wait awhile and that they shouldn't be so desperate.

Whitney Port