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Well, the season 1 finale of I Am Cait has come and gone, but don’t worry – Caitlyn Jenner will be returning to your TV screen much sooner than expected!

Well, kinda…

The 19th (!) season premiere of South Park will air on Comedy Central tomorrow night, and insiders say creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone will address such timely topics as Caitlyn’s transition and Tom Brady’s deflated balls in the show’s "most stunning and brave" episode ever.

South Park on Deflategate

We don’t know if an animated Caitlyn will make an appearance, but don’t be surprised to see one of the characters (our money’s on Randy Marsh) questioning his or her gender identity.

The preview clip above makes no mention of Caitlyn, but it does find Cartman ranting about Tom Brady’s overturned suspension and taking a harsh shot at Gisele Bundchen:

"You’re not giving me four days of detention! You’re only giving me one!" says a Brady-inspired Cartman. "No, to hell with that! You’re giving me no days suspension!

"I’m gonna go home and f–k my hot wife. Who’s not even that hot, kinda looks like a dude!"

Producers say the show plans to take on Jared Fogle’s arrest and other recent scandals later in the season.

Welcome back, South Park. You’ve been missed.