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Rob Kardashian has clearly learned a lot from Kim Kardashian.

The world famous reality star has amassed the most Instagram followers of anyone alive by mostly focusing on one body part: her giant boobs.

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And now, with Rob slowly making his way back into the social media universe, the reluctant reality star is taking a similar tact online.

He shared a rare picture of himself on Saturday, giving followers a look at his arm and writing as a seemingly random and mysterious caption, “Way off.”

Kardashian disappeared from the Internet for nearly a year, following an argument with Kim during her wedding weekend in Europe last year.

It was widely reported that Rob was ashamed of his weight, even joking himself at times that he knows he’s fat.

But the arm above looks rather slimmed down, doesn’t it? It doesn’t look like it belongs to an especially obese individual.

This goes along with new reports that Rob Kardashian is working out and doing well.

Kris Jenner recently told Entertainment Tonight that her only son is "on a good path right now," contemplating (we assume) how to make a lot of money off that path.

But we’re just glad to see Rob proud enough of his body to show off parts of it once again.

Unlike his sister, Rob may no longer have big boobs… but that’s a good thing.