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Is Cynthia Bailey about to be kicked to the curb?

Following her kick to Porsha Williams’ stomach?

Cynthia Bailey on Real Housewives of Atlanta

As previously reported, Bailey and Williams recently got into a major fight aboard a boat in Georgia, during the filming of an upcoming Real Housewives of Atlanta episode.

After exchanging a few words, Bailey allegedly took things to the next level by kicking Porsha in the stomach and sending her to the hospital.

In response, according to TMZ, producers are now pondering Bailey’s future.

They will (naturally) first wait to see what sort of ratings Cynthia’s actions draw, but if fans are more turned off than turned on by her actions, Bailey may be demoted.

She may go from series regular to "friend of the cast," which means fewer appearances… and a lot less money.

As for Williams? She faces no discipline because the entire point of The Real Housewives franchise is for cast members to antagonize other cast members.

But actual violence supposedly crosses a line.

Porsha has clearly discovered exactly where this line is, considering she also told off Kenya Moore during their epic Season 6 reunion fight and ended up on the receiving end of another physical outburst.