Robin Willams' Widow, Kids Battle Over Late Actor's Bicycles

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It’s always a strange and sad spectacle to see the family members of the deceased to fight over money and material possessions.

And as of late, Robin Williams’ widow, Susan Williams, and his children are a sad display of what it looks like when money trumps mourning.

Susan Schneider, Robin Williams

Susan and Robin’s children have been fighting over the estate of the late actor.  Just this month, Susan demanded more money from his estate, claiming she can't pay the bills or mortgage.

And now, Susan and Robin's kids are hashing it out over Robin’s super-expensive bicycle collection.

An attorney for Susan was in court Friday morning and asked a San Francisco judge to once and for all settle the remaining property disputes.

The late actor was a avid cyclist, and he owned dozed of bikes at the time of his death. Reports claim that Williams spent more than a million dollars on his cycling hobby.  Reportedly, some of his bicycles are so rare that they are worth tens of thousands of dollars.

The attorney for his children—Zak, Zelda, and Cody—claims Robin’s will is very clear about who receives what and that the court doesn’t need to intervene.

Both sides will meet next week in a final effort to settle the case without a judge.

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