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Miranda Lambert has responded directly to her divorce from Blake Shelton for the first time.

But she hasn’t done it via song or via statement. She has done it via hair color!

Miranda Lambert as a Blonde

The country music superstar posted an image of her newly dyed locks online yesterday and wrote as a caption to it:

"What doesn’t kill you makes you blonder."

This is as close as Lambert has come yet to publicly addressing the end of her four-year marriage to Shelton, as she also added the hashtag "#blondeshavemorefun" to the picture.

Let’s hope so for Miranda’s sake, huh?

In this summer of shocking celebrity splits, Lambert and Shelton’s stands out for how contentious it has become.

Both sides have accused the other (through representatives and anonymous quotes) of infidelity, while a new Radar Online report accuses Lambert of often getting drunk and beating her man.

“The fights were awkward and embarrassing for everyone around them,” an insider claims, adding that they typically took place if Lambert saw Shelton talking to another woman.

Lambert has remained mostly quiet since the news of her divorce went public, thought earlier this month she shared a cute photo of herself back in the actual saddle, visiting her beloved horse.

"Sophie hugs. Nothin’ better!" she wrote on Instagram at the time. "#Sofa #Gypsyvanners #Unicornsforever."