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Back in June, Kendall Jenner debuted her first tattoo, and her social media followers quickly dubbed it The Lamest Ink of All Time. 

Now, Kendall is following up her failed first attempt with an equally lame, but possibly far more meaningful tattoo.

This time, not only did Kylie get a matching tatt with her new BFF Hailey Baldwin, but the ladies both opted for a broken heart design. 

Kendall Jenner, Hailey Baldwin Tattoos

What are they trying to say? Let’s overanalyze, shall we?

Many fans on social media have pointed out that both women have been romantically linked to Justin Bieber in the past year.

Kendall posed with Bieber at Coachella and fans naturally assumed they were banging.

Things went so far with Ms. Baldwin that there were rumors Hailey and Justin were engaged!

That obviously turned out to be BS, but we would be willing to bet money that the Biebs has hooked up with both models at some point.

So did the ladies bond over their broken hearts? Did a shared contempt for Justin form the foundation of their friendship?…Or did they just pick a design they licked off the wall at the tattoo parlor?

We may never know for sure, but we do know that once again, Kendall once again wussed out with a tiny tatt that’s pretty much the same color as her skin.

It seems even supermodels can be super lame at times.