Jenelle Evans' Latest Mug Shot: Not Her Best Look

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Yesterday, Jenelle Evans was arrested for assaulting the girlfriend of her former fiance, Nathan Griffith.

Jenelle and Nathan broke up (for good this time) a few weeks back, and according to a police report, Griffith showed up to the home he once shared with Evans in order to pack up the last of us his stuff.

For some reason, Nathan decided to bring his new girlfriend, and Jenelle threw a glass at the woman, striking her in the head. It's the sort that would be shocking if we were talking about anyone but Jenelle Evans.

You see, Jenelle gets arrested a lot. She's got more mug shots than most people have Facebook photos and her latest is definitely not her greatest:

Jenelle Evans Mug Shot, August 2015

The pic, originally posted by TMZ, shows Jenelle looking a bit glassy-eyed, and  - dare we say? - strung out.

Jenelle has been to rehab for drug problems in the past, so it's a little distressing to see her looking like a methed-out version of Kristen Stewart.

We don't want to be too harsh - after all this is a mug shot, not a glamour shot, and we're guessing Jenelle wasn't too concerned about her hair and makeup.

Still, this is her ninth time being arrested, and she usually manages to put on a happy face while she's being booked.

At this point we've seen enough Jenelle mug shots to know the difference between a minor scrape with the law, and the start of another downward spiral.

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