Beyonce Spent HOW MUCH on a Pair of Diamond Shoes?!

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Earlier today, we reported that Taylor Swift is covering the September issue of Vanity Fair, thus cementing her place as the music industry's number one fashion icon.

That's all well and good, but can Taylor afford to spend $312,000 on a pair of diamond shoes?!

Yes, she absolutely can. But would she buy them? Probably not. It's really the kind of move that only Queen Bey can pull off:

Beyonce Posing

Page Six is reporting today that Beyonce dropped roughly the cost of 17 Honda Civics just for some stilettos that she'll probably wear for about 8 seconds in her newest video.

That's right - the shoes aren't even for personal use. They're part of Bey's costume for a forthcoming video, which is a little surprising.

After all, Bey's most memorable videos are also her most stripped-down (sometimes literally).

For "Single Ladies" all she needed was a leotard and some unforgettable dance moves. For the fantastic "7/11" video, she rocked a "Kale" sweatshirt and sipped from a red Solo cup. 

But hey, obviously Bey is entitled to get glammed up when she feels like it. 

Besides, after her recent failed business ventures, Mrs. Carter might feel the need to send a message that she's still one of the world's foremost ballers.

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