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Total Divas returned with a vengeance Tuesday night on E! with Season 4 Episode 1, a high-stakes premiere fittingly entitled "Diva Divide."

A Total Diva

When Total Divas Season 4 Episode 1 began, it didn’t take long before the Bellas were forced to face the ramifications of quitting the WWE.

What were those ramifications, exactly?

Well, if you watch Total Divas online, you’ll see that – and we know, this is shocking – they didn’t confine their over-the-top fights to the ring.

Eva Marie, especially, drew peoples’ ire.

With Nikki and Brie Bella possibly on the verge of pretending to exit WWE (we just don’t buy it … sorry), Eva Marie has a chance to shine.

Will she become the new face of WWE?

The other ladies aren’t cool with it, at least not when they see the very special treatment she’s getting from the producers to help her cause.

Naturally, this results in passive-aggressive Instagrams from Eva Marie a la "A lion doesn’t concern itself with the opinion of sheep," etc.

Always keeping it classy and so subtle.

Eventually, the tension boils over and a huge fight culminates with Eva Marie ripped for getting attention from WWE she doesn’t deserve.

Why doesn’t she, though?

Even if they’re jealous, taking their frustrations out on her this way just seems a bit petty, no? Did she really do anything wrong, per se?

Eva Marie has been given a chance, and is trying to make the most of it … if she puts in the work, the why are the haters gonna hate?

Just asking.