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Tom Cruise is currently promoting Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (alternate title : Holy Sh-t, Another One?!), and as usual, he’s all over the airwaves humblebragging about what a badass stuntman he is because of thetans or whatever.

One thing Tom’s not doing, however, is talking up the movie’s female lead, Swedish actress Rebecca Ferguson.

Usually, Tom gushes about his leading ladies every chance that he gets, but this time he won’t even pose on the red carpet with Ferguson.

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The whole awkward press tour has left many wondering if there’s some truth to the rumors about Cruise trying and failing to preach the Gospel of Xenu to his sexy co-star.

Tom’s controversial religious beliefs have been in the news a lot lately, partially due to the popularity of the HBO documentary Going Clear, and partially due to some bizarre new rumors about Cruise’s personal life.

One report claims that Cruise recently banished his 14-year-old niece from his life for violating Scientologist doctrine by kissing a boy.

Insiders say Cruise has been "brainwashed" by Scientology. There have even been rumors that leaders of the faith sent out a casting call for Cruise’s next girlfriend.

Some sources say Ferguson made the shortlist of potential Cruise suitors, but when Tom rolled up on with with his 1,000-kilowatt smile and a copy of Dianetics, she wanted none of it.

The Daily Mail even claims that Cruise handpicked Ferguson for the role in hopes of making her one of Hubbard’s Honeys, and he flew into a rage when she rejected his advances.

There was a time when such boldness might have led to Ferguson being blacklisted in Hollywood, but Cruise doesn’t have quite that much clout these days.

In fact, all you have to do to thwart him is put something on a high shelf and hide the stepladder.