Ireland Baldwin Jokes About Alec Baldwin Calling Her a "Rude Pig" When She Was 11: Funny or F--ked Up?

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Alec Baldwin has flown into so many insane rages over the years that you may have forgotten about some of his greatest hits.

So allow us to refresh your memory on one of the first times that the world realized the formerly A-list actor is actually an insane fury monster.

The year was 2007. Ireland Baldwin was not the frequently topless Instagram star she is today, but an 11-year-old whose parents were going through a horrendous divorce.

It was during that time that a shocking voicemail in which Alec berated his young daughter as a "rude, thoughtless pig" leaked online.

But you know the old saying: Comedy is child abuse plus time...or something like that:

Ireland and Alec Baldwin Photo

Yes, that's Ireland and Alec making a sly reference to the notorious incident.

Obviously, it's a good thing that they've overcome Alec's psycho-dad phase in order to build a relationship, but it's a little messed up that they're making light of what was undeniably an instance of verbal abuse.

These days, of course, Ireland is fresh out of rehab and Alec recently welcomed his third child.

We're not saying that Ireland's emotional issues have anything to do with her chaotic upbringing, or that we hope Alec has gotten plenty of therapy to help him avoid making the same mistakes with his younger kids, but...

Actually, we totally are saying that.

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