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Kim Kardashian’s ex-lover and San Francisco 49ers running back Reggie Bush and Lilit Avagyan are now the proud parents of a baby boy.

"The baby is healthy and the couple are so thrilled and excited," a source said of Lilit and Reg. "All their family and friends are around them."

Other details, including his name, weight and measurements, are not known, though his birthday is the couple’s first wedding anniversary!

"Reggie is extremely supportive and helpful," an insider said of the former USC star and Saints, Dolphins and Lions roster spot filler.

"They both have always wanted a big family."

Speaking of their wedding anniversary, Reggie and Lilit married not long after his ex, Kim Kardashian, tied the knot with Kanye West.

Brody Jenner attended the nuptials of his friends, even after he famously skipped the A-list wedding of his ultra-famous stepsister.

Who, we have to say, looks exactly like Lilit.

Hey, the man has a type. Who are we to criticize?

Bush and Avagyan’s elder child, daughter Briseis Bush, was born in May 2013, three years after his split with Mrs. Kardashian West.