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Caitlyn Jenner impressed nearly all viewers on I Am Cait Season 1 Episode 1.

She bravely introduced herself to members of her family while taking on the responsibility of being a role model with pride and understandable trepidation.

Caitlyn Jenner and Prescott Family

But no moment was more moving than when Caitlyn met with the family of Kyler Prescott, a 14-year old transgender who committed suicide in May.

In a new WhoSay blog entry on Monday, Jenner explained that she felt a need to spend time with the Prescotts after learning how Kyler lost her battle with depression.

Said Caitlyn of Kyler’s mother in particular:

“She loved and supported her trans child in so many ways, including getting Kyler’s name and gender marker legally changed.

"Sadly, he died by suicide two months ago. Three days later, Katharine received his updated birth certificate in the mail.”

Jenner went on to write that she believes it’s “very, very difficult” to live as a transgender individual in this day and age.

“Many people, especially kids, can’t see how they can live as their authentic selves and keep their family, their jobs, and their homes,” lamented Caitlyn.

You can watch I Am Cait online to learn more about Kyler’s struggle and Caitlyn’s response – and you can scroll down to read a few words from Katharine Prescott about her son.

“When I first met Caitlyn I was very impressed by her sincerity. I could see right away that her desire to help further transgender equality in society is authentic,” writes Katharine, at the end of Caitlyn’s WhoSay entry.

“She is delightful. The wonderful thing is that people like Caitlyn are starting to spread the word. This isn’t just a passing thing. This is forever.

"We need to help every transgender person be their authentic self. Nobody should be denied that.”