Alicia Silverstone's Brother ARRESTED For Growing Weed; Bowe Berghdahl Found on Premises!

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Alicia Silverstone’s brother David Silverstone was arrested on marijuana charges in Redwood Valley, California, on Tuesday.

David, 43, was arrested on charges of cultivating and processing marijuana as well as possession of marijuana for sale, according to the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office website.

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The brother of the Clueless actress reportedly had 181 plants seized from his farm, which is located about 120 miles north of San Francisco.

At first, this seems like a normal busted-for-pot story.  But the raid also turned up high-profile U.S. Army deserter Bowe Berghdahl.

Berghdahl just happened to be visiting David at the time of the raid. Investigators do not believe he was involved with David’s illegal growing operation.

The solider was captured by the Taliban, and the United States later exchanged five senior Taliban officials from Guantanamo Bay for Berghdahl.

The exchange was a controversial decision and received significant media attention. He is now awaiting a grand jury hearing.

David’s fate might be more hopeful. He was released an hour after he was booked Tuesday night. His bond was listed at $25,000.

Alicia Silverstone’s rep did not respond to a request for comment.

Alicia is an advocate for eco-living, penning a diet book, developing a website, and even starting a clothing line promoting her holistic lifestyle.

David, who worked on movie sets in the 90s, is also a poster child for green living ... and we're not just talking about marijuana plants.

His Facebook posts gloat about his green thumb, showing off pictures of his fruits and vegetables.

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