The Walking Dead Season 6: Major Feud on Tap?

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Here is the bad news: The Walking Dead Season 6 will not premiere on AMC until this fall.

But here is some good news: the cable network has given us a possible idea of what to expect when the biggest show on television does finally return with new episodes.

This is our first look at The Walking Dead Season 6 poster that will be on sale at Comic-Con in San Diego next month:

The Walking Dead Season 6 Comic-Con Poster

Take note of all our favorites being features (Abraham, Tara, Eugene, etc.) and also of th fact that they seem to be squaring off against each other.

Is Rick leading one faction versus a separate faction fronted by Morgan?

Is an inner-group rivalry what viewers ought to expect once we get to Alexandria?

Last season, of course, concluded with Daryl bringing Morgan back to the community just as Rick killed a dude.

That could help explain the tension we can feel jumping from this poster directly through our computer screens.

Be sure to watch The Walking Dead online via TV Fanatic before new episodes air and take a close look at the above promotional image.

You are seeing the same thing we are, right?

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