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Monday on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4 Episode 10, titled "Friends with Benefits," Yung Joc tried to make up with a reeling Khadiyah.

The results of that endeavor were … interesting.

Meanwhile, Kalenna searched for a new manager, and Jessica had a showdown with Joseline Hernandez. Was it a reunion fight redux in the works?

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When Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4 Episode 10 got underway, that vagrant Yung Joc is crashing over at Rasheeda and Kirk’s house.

KD kicked him out, then Sina kicked him out.

Rasheeda (of all people to talk) tells him he needs to get his ISH together when it comes to sleeping with all these women, and she’s right.

Mimi Faust and Ariane did a better job of patching things up. Yes, the latter judged her for the Mimi Faust sex tape, but she was not wrong.

Sometimes, true friends show tough love.

Meanwhile, Kalenna wants Deb Antney to manage her, but in order to consider that, Deb wants her to officially sever any business ties with Tony.

Karlie Redd and Jessica Dime had a tense talk about Joseline, whom Dime accused of trying to derail business moves involving Mimi and Stevie.

According to Karlie, her intuitions were correct, and she also told Jessica that Joseline said they weren’t friends. Middle school drama off the chain!

Jessica Dime then said Joseline “tricked” on her, as in Joseline went down on her while Stevie J watched. So … is Dime a hooker then? It’s unclear.

If you watch Love and Hip Hop Atlanta online, you can tell us how you interpret that particular scene, because that was how it came across to us.

Karli decided to get Joseline’s side of the story, and she claimed that the carpet munching was reversed, but that yes, Jessica is a known hooker.

Next week, these rumors come to a head.

Rasheeda was looking at getting the physical store she wanted in order to bring her online business into retail, and KD is showing her locations.

While trying to get her to give Joc a second chance, obviously. This friggin’ guy. Earlier, he met up with KD to try to win her back, with mixed results.

He gifted her furry handcuffs, telling her she could cuff him whenever she wanted to keep him in check. She did so right then, and not in a hot way.

Under intense interrogation, Joc told the truth about where he stayed, but got awfully shady when he was asked if he and Sina had been boning.

In the end, KD needed a break.