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Either Kim Kardashian is having the weirdest pregnancy ever, or she’s seriously intent on stealing the spotlight from Caitlyn Jenner by whatever means necessary.

It’s only been two days since we first learned that Kim is pregnant with her second child and she’s already showed the world her boobs and had a near-death experience.

Allow us to explain:

First, Kim posted her nipples on Instagram, because that’s just what Kim does. Then she went went to CFDA Fashion Awards, because that’s another Kim-like activity to partake in. Then she caught fire and Pharrell saved her life, because….we have no idea.

Kim, Kanye and Pharrell

Mrs. West posted the above photo today along with a caption reading, "Shout out to Pharrell and Helen who saved my life last night…After the awards at dinner the feathers of my dress caught fire & they jumped on me to get it out."

We hope Pharrell learned his lesson about wearing a normal-sized hat. If he had been rocking his ginormous Arby’s jump-off, he could’ve just smothered the flames with that.

Anyway, the Wests have credited Pharrell with giving them the idea to name their first baby North, so we’re hoping after the fire was out, dude was all, "Wow, that was wild. Hey…Wild West would make a pretty cool baby name." Fingers crossed.