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Prior to getting demolished by the Golden State Warriors in Game 4 of the NBA Finals on Thursday night, LeBron James flashed his penis to the world.

He didn’t mean to. It was an accident.

The camera simply zoomed in on the superstar just as he was tucking his jersey into his shorts, as you can see here:

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In response to this rarely-seen sports snafu, the Internet did what it does best: react!

Because James later cut the top of his skull open on a television camera, Twitter user @MichaelROLeary made us laugh by writing in response to both incidents:

"Last night, the world saw close ups of both of LeBron James’ heads. Talk about a tip-off. #wang #wiener #ding."

But @Dr_twinkletoes takes the hilarious social media cake, posting the following photo on his Twitter page and writing as a caption:

"#Beyonce after seeing #LeBronJames junk."

HA! Perfect!

According to reports, however, Beyonce has plenty to marvel over at home, considering Jay Z is one of 17 celebrities known top have a big penis

Fortunately for LeBron James, meanwhile, he likely won’t be best remembered for the video posted above.

But rather by some of the very impressive moments we’ve captured below: