Revenge Season 4 Episode 23 Recap: A Fatal Finale

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The red Sharpie was not the only thing put away forever Sunday night on Revenge Season 4 Episode 23.

As assumed by many viewers heading into the series finale of this suspenseful drama, not all main characters made it out alive, either.

In an especially dark Mother’s Day twist, Victoria revealed her mom (“a cruel, loathsome bitch who deserves to burn in hell”) was actually the corpse discovered inside the Grayson Manor a couple weeks ago.

Why would Victoria have done such a thing? Because her own mother tricked Victoria into sleeping with her father! Yeah. Revenge went there.

Victoria also went to her own funeral, scarcely wearing a disguise.

So, how did Victoria finally bite it? For real? After being shot by David at LeMarchal Headquarters, she managed to snatch Amanda’s gun and fire back at her.

Victoria died, but Amanda survived... thanks to her rival's heart?!?

A flashback scene found Charlotte telling the doctors NOT tell Amanda “who” provided the vital organ, yet the revelation was followed by Amanda waking up on Jack’s boat.

Was this crazy part of the finale all a dream? 

We may never know, but it was very much real when the series later flashed forward to Amanda and Jack's wedding day (hooray!) and later showed up them with Sammy 2.0 (double yay!).

In sadder news, David Clarke died on the porch of his beach house with his daughter by his side. After all this, perhaps it was appropriate.

As for Nolan? How did his tale come to an end?

You should watch Revenge online to see him sit at a bar and be handed a newspaper by a handsome young man. No, the two are not going to hook-up.

Nolan is totally going to become our next Revenge-r!

The newspaper headline said his mother has been falsely accused of embezzlement and she clearly needs Nolan's help.

So for better or worse, that's all she wrote for Revenge.

Victoria is dead. Amanda and Jack are married. David loves his daughter "infinity times" and we're left praying ABC somehow approves a spinoff.

Nolan as the new Emily Thorne? We'd give it a shot.

What did you think of the finale? Share your comments below and tell us whether you think ABC was wrong to cancel Revenge after four seasons ...

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