Rebel Wilson Poses with Mickey Gooch: Are They an Item?

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Rebel Wilson may or may not be lying about her age.

But it's pretty clear at this point that the actress is dating Mickey Gooch Jr.

Mickey Gooch Jr. and Rebel Wilson

Rumors of a relationship between the Pitch Perfect star and the comedian have been making the rounds for a few days now.

But it’s pretty clear the rumors are a reality after Wilson and Gooch stepped out for a New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden this week.

Wilson shared a number of pictures on her various social media accounts from the game, which featured the cute pair rocking two matching jerseys.

"They get along really well, they respect each other's work," a source tells Us Weekly.

Wilson is yet to comment on the relationship, but if a picture says 1,000 words... then hasn't she already commented?

"You have to sacrifice relationships because you work, and now I travel all around the world," Wilson told Australia's Elle magazine earlier this month when asked about her love life.

"I'm constantly moving and constantly travelling and so it's really hard to maintain a relationship in that kind of environment."

Looks like she's willing to give it a shot with Mickey Gooch Jr., however.

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