NCIS Season 12 Episode 23 Recap: Who Died?!?

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It's good to know NCIS producer Gary Glasberg isn't a liar, right?

Prior to last night’s airing of NCIS Season 12 Episode 23, the showrunner told TV Line that “we will suffer a very significant loss” prior to the finale, leaving fans to wonder just which character would perish.

And now we have the answer.

Rest in peace, Ned Dorneget.

The Probationary Agent died while on a mission alongside McGee in Cairo, as he was blown to pieces by one of those evil S-bombs the unit had been tracking.

The loss, which you can see when you watch NCIS online, prompted Gibbs to think back on the agents and colleagues he has seen kick the proverbial over nearly 12 years.

It's safe to assume this reaction will feed into, as Glasberg also teased, “a big sort of Gibbs moment at the end of the finale,” which arrives next Tuesday.

Matt Jones kicked off his recurring NCIS run as Dorneget in November 2011, beginning with Season 9’s “Sins of the Father."

That episode  found Dorneget brought in to replace DiNozzo (who had been excused from investigating Tony Sr.’s possible role in a murder).

Later that same season, Ned lobbied for a spot on Gibbs’ team… to no avail.

Overall, he appeared in a total of six NCIS episodes.

We look forward to the NCIS Season 12 finale next week to see just what sort of impact this tragic event has on Gibbs and the team.

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