Josiah Duggar and Marjorie Jackson: Courting at Cracker Barrel!

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Last month we learned that Josiah Duggar and Marjorie Jackson are courting, which means they'll likely follow in the Duggar tradition of getting married and starting a family at a very young age.

Sadly, it looks as though they're also following in the tradition of hitting up crappy chain restaurants for date night. 

First we had Jill and Derick Dillard at P.F. Chang's, now we bring you Josiah and Marjorie (Jarjorie? Marsiah?) at Cracker Barrel:

Josiah Duggar, Marjorie Jackson Selfie

In fairness, these kids are in their teens, and per the Duggar rules of courtship, they're not allowed to hang out without chaperones, which means they probably had to go wherever Michelle and Jim Bob felt like taking them.

That said, we're surprised they had the energy to take a selfie after poring over that 40,000-word tome the folks at Cracker Barrel call a menu. 

Anyway, now that he's courting, Josiah is allowed to use social media (Seriously, that's a rule.), so he posted the above selfie with Marjorie to his brand-spanking-new Instagram page.

It's only his fifth post, but he already has 211,000 followers

"Had fun with my family and Marjorie at Cracker Barrel!" Josiah captioned the photo.

Look, kid, we know you're new to this whole Instagram thing, but you're gonna have seven figure followers in no time. You need to get more creative with the captions! Last we checked, there's nothing in the Bible against Emojis!

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