Ashley Olsen: Suffering From Lyme Disease?

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Despite all the recent talk about the much-anticipated Full House reboot, the biggest stars that the show produced have managed to stay almost entirely out of the headlines.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen appeared at the MET Gala on Monday, but otherwise, they've maintained their usual low profile.

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They haven't participated in any interviews, and if they have any involvement at all in the new series at all, it'll probably be limited to a one-episode guest spot.

The assumption amongst most fans is that the Olsens have no interest in acting anymore and are simply too wealthy and successful to spend their time appearing in a Netflix series.

Now, however, it looks as though the reasons behind their avoidance of the spotlight may be much darker than anyone realized.

In Touch is reporting that Ashley Olsen is suffering from Lyme disease.

The actress semi-retired from public life in 2012, claiming that she simply didn't "like to be the center of attention." 

But the insiders close to Ashley claim that she didn't want the scrutiny that she believed would come with revealing her diagnosis.

"She's really sick," says one source. The insider adds that in recent months, the disease "has flared up, so much that it's affecting her day-to-day life."

Obviously,the 28-year-old fashion mogul has yet to confirm the diagnosis herself, but if there's any truth to this report, we'd like to with her a full and speedy recovery.

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